Proof of Concept

While many may be hesitant to take a step forward in adopting the latest technological advances, JIG conducts proof of concept services to help enterprises accelerate innovation and transform business process. Exploit the unlimited potentials in our solutions from using computer vision for security monitor to using natural language processing to automate text transcribes.

Validate Ideas

Validate new ideas with professional help. Make informed choices with valuable feedback.

Low Cost

Dry run at a low cost. Work out kinks and Identify risks to prevent huge losses in the future.

Fast Track

Accelerate innovation with past experience. Get projects up and running in no time.



Talk with our specialists to create and define your proof-of-concept project from the intended purpose, performance goals, technological requirements, budget and more.

Choose a solution best to solve the problem at hand from computer vision, natural language processing and IoT applications.


Define the key performance indicators for your proof-of-concept to best measure and evaluate solutions according to your organization’s operational needs.

Define the key metrics in measuring performance, e.g. reduced man hour for automated process using computer vision.

Discover and Evaluate

Discover potentials and limitations from the proof-of-concept project. Evaluate the project/product performance and identify areas to be improved.

We provide comprehensive reports for different areas of the execution to help you make informed choices.


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April 7th, 2021
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