IoT Network

The future of IoT is limitless. The potential in advancing network agility and AI integration has made IoT applications more popular than ever.

JIG aims at helping clients navigate through different options of IoT Network for industrial or enterprise needs with continuous support and maintenance services.

Area of Specialties

  • Global Public Coverage
  • High Speed
  • Low Latency
  • No License Required
  • Private & Public Network
  • Global Coverage
  • Private & Public Network
  • Low Power
  • Better Coverage
  • Less Connection Failure


Analyze Requirements

Work with our network experts to establish key requirements on network capacity, data security, maintenance level, service integration and future scalability.

How many IoT devices need to be supported?

Should the network be public or private?

What kinds of data are transmitted?

Assess Network Readiness

Check for public network availability. Review and evaluate existing system to be affected by the development including hardware components, software levels, electrical requirements, physical space and network connectivity.

Is there signal coverage?

Can the signal strength satisfy operational needs?

Any structural bottle neck causing integration issues, congestion or scaling failure?

Design Network

Design an optimal architecture based on the requirements identified.

Provide relevant functions and applications required to keep the system up and running.


Define the process needed to implement the recommended solution from equipment sourcing, scheduling, resource requirements, project deadlines and training.

Coordinate with relevant government organizations to obtain operational permits. Regulate usage and define privacy policies to comply with law and regulations.

Evaluation and Optimization

Evaluate the system against design objectives and performance metrics.

Implement necessary improvements to optimize network efficiency and user experience.